Labour, Business Ethics and Insurance

Our corporate mandate is to ensure that all corporate policies and practices are respected and followed but we also recognize the need to delegate operational authority to field officers for implementation and successful delivery of the project.

Key members of our organisation provide services to many global corporations; therefore providing Peak Palm Oil PLC the knowledge to deal successfully with all ethical labour and business requirements.

We have made a strong commitment to Guinea and the services of our legal advisers ensure Peak Palm Oil PLC complies with labour and tax law requirements. We are also in the process of appointing an International accounting firm in Guinea to ensure all accounting practices are respected on a global basis.

In the interim and from our network, associations and experience we also have on board a certified financial management administrator.

Business ethics are paramount to our business strategy. It would be our resolve to incorporate the Government of Guinea’s mission statement and employee mandate as an addendum to the business plan. Peak Palm Oil PLC, commits to the training and management of key International and Guinean personnel, and periodically monitors adherence to the code to ensure compliance.

Peak Palm Oil PLC, also covenants that in the performance of the services it will not violate and will comply with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations of all provincial, state, federal, foreign and municipal governments.