Company Objectives

1. To have the distinct market advantage of being the first multi-national company to initiate a large scale commercial palm oil plantation, agricultural operation and milling operation, in Guinea West Africa. (The parent company Peak Guinea S.A.R.L already secured One Hundred Thousand (100,000) hectares of prime coastal plantation land via Fifty Years (50yrs) land lease agreement.) (Read more)

2. To prepare plantation land area (2,000ha per year) for the planting of oil palm trees

3. To educate others of palm oil and enhance their knowledge through application by promoting palm oils numerous benefits.

4. To purchase local Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) annually from within our own concessions and process on site in our production mills.

5. To encourage product diversification through bio diesel and oleo-chemicals by producing in country crude palm oil (CPO) to satisfy local demand and export the balance internationally with over 75% being consumed in food preparation, with the remainder going to industrial uses such as production of oleo-chemicals or biodiesel.

6. To promote community development through infrastructure, education, and job creation.

7. To utilise an environmental management plan to successfully show the positives of palm oil and its plantations.