Trans-Fatty Acid Free

The solid fats made from palm oil do not have to go through hydrogenation and are therefore a much healthier option. When oils go through hydrogenation it produces Trans-Fatty Acids (TFAs) along with saturated fatty acids. TFAs have been linked to breast cancer, colonic cancer, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Trans-Fat FoodsPalm oil, has the capacity to add a new health dimension to the current trans-fat dilemma and shows promise as a partner for the food industry in its efforts to reformulate foods with zero trans content. But the road that palm oil could offer, already paved by good science, is again facing numerous discriminatory actions that continue to send unwarranted fears for the consumers. If the consumer had easy access to the scientific literature they would be better informed and learn that when consumed at the current recommended levels of fat intake (30% fat energy), palm oil is essentially a neutral fat and compares favorably with the gold standard olive oil and other monounsaturated fats such as Canola and rapeseed oils. As a result of good science, Palm oil is now widely used in food and industrial use.