About Palm Oil

Oil Palm Seed KernalsPalm oil and palm kernel oil are edible plant oils derived from the fruits of palm trees. Oil Palm is a native of the Guinea Coast of West Africa and of all the perennial oil yielding crops Oil Palm is the highest producer.

Palm oil (CPO) is extracted from the pulp of the fruit of the oil palm and palm kernel oil (PKO) is derived from the kernel or seed of the oil palm. Palm oil has a natural reddish color because of its high count of beta-carotene.

Palm oil (CPO) palm kernel oil (PKO) are two of the small number of highly saturated vegetable fats which come from one single fruit. Palm oil contains several saturated and unsaturated fats which makes it one of the most desirable oils on the market today. Palm Oil is rich in vitamin A and E and like all other vegetable oils, palm oil also contains no cholesterol.

Palm oil is a common cooking ingredient in the tropical belt of Africa, Southeast Asia and parts of Brazil and variety of commercial and industrial uses has made Palm oil an important and more recognizable commodity.