Local Purchasing Scheme

In addition to Peak Palm Oil PLC's own plantations, palm oil processing mill and production; an integral part of Peak Palm Oils local community based endeavor is to encourage and assist the profitability of local small holders in the area.

Most of local small holdings are involved in small scale production which is labor intensive and inefficient in oil processing. These methods have kept the local community impoverished and unable to advance in terms of education, health and welfare.

Not only will the presence of Peak Palm Oil PLC in the community have an immediate financial boost by the creation of long term employment, steady income, establishment of schools and clinics, but Peak Palm Oil PLC will also encourage local small holders with a “fresh fruit bunches, local purchasing scheme”. Under this agreement local small holders can bring their own fresh fruit bunches for sale at fair market value to Peak Palm Oil PLC palm oil milling facility and be paid immediately at agreed prices per weight.

This mutually beneficial situation will have the effect of stimulating the local economy. Now local small holders will no longer only produce enough for personal consumption, but can be encouraged to produce extra for sale for profit. This will have the effect of revitalizing the local palm oil economy.

Further the women and children who currently do the bulk of the physical oil pressing and processing will be relieved of this burden and can focus rather on education, welfare, and an increased standard and quality of life.